Meet Oliver

From Oliver’s Dad: WE MADE IT!!🥲💜🎅🌲
After a tough day we made it to LaplandUK . It was amazing!!! We were whisked through the magic portal to snowy lapland. Oliver helped make toys, made gingerbread with Mother Christmas, saw the reindeer, wrote his letter to santa (this was the most emotional for me for some reason, I was in bits as never thought he’d do that again) spent some jingles in the shops and of course met the real Father Christmas. He did so well after what he’d been through earlier but im so glad we managed to go.
We bought some amazing things (spent a fortune) but more importantly made memories that will last a lifetime. Santa knew all about Oliver and his journey which just added to the magic. Thankyou to Wendy and everyone at Isabelles appeal for this amazing gift.
This really has been a memory we thought we would never make but Oliver is strong and never gives up. We are so so lucky!!!!
Ive added just a few of the 350+ photos we took🤭🤣

Meet Ryan

Ryan was on holiday in Centre Parcs when his iPad accidentally got broken.
Issabelle’s Appeal replaced Ryan’s iPad and also gave him iTunes vouchers for him to spend on downloading his favourite games and music.

Meet Lexi

Lexi really wanted to go on holiday and spend some quality time with her family.

Issabelle’s Appeal organised for Lexi to visit Blackpool to see the lights and go to Pleasure Beach along with her Mum, Dad and Big Sister.

Meet Jess

Jess had her wish granted in April 2014.

Jess wanted to go to Lego Land with her Mum, Dad and Little Sister, so we sorted them out with a two day pass and stay in the Lego Land Hotel.

Lisa (jess’s mum) sent us this message, “Thank you so much for granting this wish for Jessica and our family, it means the world to us. Jessica has longed to go to Legoland for many years and is so excited that she can go.’

Meet Oliver

Oliver’s wish was to visit Lego Land.

Our wish allowed Oliver and his family to spend some quality time together with two days at the amazing theme park and an overnight stay.

Meet Darcy

Darcy loves animals and always wanted to visited Chester Zoo.

Issabelle’s Appeal helped make Darcy’s wish come true…. here she is enjoying her experience as a VIP Zoo Keeper!

Meet 3 Year Old Jack

Jack is mad about helicopters and car, so Issabelle’s Appeal took on one of our biggest wishes and got over 15 supercars

to come to Jack and allow him to sit in them and have a good look around them.

We then sent Jack on a flight in a helicopter which he loved every minute of!

Meet Jaden

Jaden’s wish was to have his very own hot tub to share with his siblings.

Issabelle’s Appeal made that wish come true…. Jaden had lots of fun!